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NEW  model LIMITED EDITION HK-KM 1665-2015

  The Dutch Knife making company Hill Knives was founded in 1979 by Frans van den Heuvel (father) and Albert van den Heuvel (son), who both have a technical background as toolmakers.


It started as a hobby in 1975. They made knives for themselves and a few friends, but soon the orders came from all over the globe.
The choice to make handmade knives full-time was easily made.
Nowadays son Albert is in charge of the firm and by his hand the most beautiful folding knives arise.


Not only their work is of a high standard but also the aesthetic side of the job is very well done.
For that reason a lot of famous companies (like Asprey in London, Browning Arms and the French "Watch Architect" Alain Silberstein) like to sell Hillknives products.
Also the Swiss SIG-Arms chose a Hillknives luxury folding knife to complete their set of pistols and knives (a limited edition).


“Hill Knives Holland” produces handmade knives.
based in craftsmanship and delivering custom designs.

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